Maitres Robinetiers de France is among the French leading manufacturers of upscale faucets and accessories. It invites you to discover unique collections with refined materials and finishes.

MARGOT Tradition, MARGOT Classic and MARGOT Design.

Margot products are installed in many palaces hotels and luxuous residential projects in France and through the world and are synonymous of high quality and elegance. Manufactured for decades with the unique knowledge of our skilled artisans workers, they continue to benefit from its generation to generation transmittal.

Maîtres Robinetiers de France and its skilled workers may answer to various requests: creation of a unique model, customized adaptation for size or aesthetic reasons.

It is an opportunity for any interior designer to extend its creativity by using in his projects the wide production range of a quality renowned manufacturer and its capability to achieve with talent the special requests.

For any information, please contact :

Maîtres Robinetiers de France SAS
213 Boulevard Voltaire